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Il potere della Diplomazia Culturale, l'Università Cattolica brilla al MET di New York City

21 settembre 2023

Il potere della Diplomazia Culturale, l'Università Cattolica brilla al MET di New York City

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Per gentile concessione della testata, pubblichiamo l’articolo che La voce di New York ha dedicato all’importante evento che l’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ha organizzato nei giorni scorsi a New York presso il Metropolitan Museum, nell’ambito di un più ampio elenco di incontri e programmi internazionali.

Cultural diplomacy transcends boundaries and enhances international relations. Recently, the Università Cattolica demonstrated the potency of cultural diplomacy through a remarkable event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City. This gathering featured luminaries such as Max Hollein, Director of the MET, Franco Anelli, Rector of the Università Cattolica, and Barbara Jatta, Director of the Vatican Museums and Federica Olivares, Founder of the International Program in Cultural Diplomacy at Cattolica University.

The MET, often referred to as New York City’s “cultural gem,” provided an ideal setting for this celebration of cultural diplomacy. With its diverse collection of art and artifacts spanning centuries and continents, the MET is a symbol of cross-cultural exchange.

Max Hollein, in his capacity as the Director of the MET, underscored the museum’s role as a guardian of cultural heritage and a platform for cultural exchange. He emphasized how art surpasses geographical and temporal limits, connecting people and fostering mutual understanding. Hollein highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts, such as the partnership with the Università Cattolica, in nurturing global harmony and dialogue.

Franco Anelli, Rector of the Università Cattolica, articulated the university’s steadfast commitment to education, research, and cultural exchange. He expounded on the institution’s mission to promote dialogue among diverse cultures and religions. Anelli emphasized that education is the cornerstone of cultivating open-minded individuals who can contribute to a more interconnected and peaceful world.

Barbara Jatta, the Director of the Vatican Museums, added her voice to this chorus of cultural diplomacy. She eloquently spoke about the Vatican’s dedication to preserving and sharing its cultural treasures with the world. Jatta underscored the role of museums as custodians of cultural heritage and their potential as spaces for interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Her presence underscored the Vatican’s commitment to cultural diplomacy as a means of fostering global harmony.

In addition to speeches and exhibitions, the event included panel discussions on the role of cultural diplomacy in the modern world, the significance of art education, and the potential of cultural institutions to bridge cultural and religious divides.

The Cattolica’s event at the MET serves as a shining example of how cultural diplomacy can promote understanding and cooperation among nations and cultures. By bringing together influential figures from the worlds of art, education, and cultural heritage, the event demonstrated the power of collaboration in creating a more harmonious world.

Following the lunch, the spirit of cultural diplomacy continued to flourish as the alumni of the Università Cattolica gathered for a special reunion at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò of New York University, directed by Stefano Albertini. This reunion played a pivotal role in strengthening the bonds within the Università Cattolica’s community in New York. It provided a unique platform for alumni to reconnect, network, and foster a sense of camaraderie.

The gathering at Casa Italiana offered alumni an opportunity to share their experiences, both professionally and personally, while living in the vibrant and diverse city of New York. Rector Franco Anelli and Federica Olivares engaged in meaningful conversations that transcended geographical and cultural boundaries, reflecting the values of the Università Cattolica in fostering open dialogue and mutual understanding.

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