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Open Week Unicatt, over 3,500 university students from all over Italy log on to learn more about the graduate degree programmes

31 marzo 2021

Open Week Unicatt, over 3,500 university students from all over Italy log on to learn more about the graduate degree programmes

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An audience of 270, 000 people reached, a total of 100,000 views and 3,511 university students logging on from all regions of Italy to participate in the dedicated virtual classrooms to learn more about the 61 graduate degree programmes on the five Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore campuses (Milan, Brescia, Piacenza, Cremona and Rome). These are the results of the five-day event with presentations on the WebEx platform and live content on @Unicatt social channels, from ‘Play the Future’, the Unicatt Open Week initiative promoted from Monday 22 to Friday 26 March.

In addition to very positive social media engagement with circa 100 Instagram Stories, Tweets and Facebook posts on @Unicatt social networks, the five-day Unicatt Open Week was supported nationally and locally by a promotional campaign, both in the main printed and digital press, for a total of 13 advertising messages on Google ads, social media, websites, mobile app platforms and display formats on and, generating over 5,000,000 views and over 40,000 clicks to the page of the event.

«A year has passed since the start of this pandemic and we have had to adapt to managing a constantly-changing situation. In a very short time we have transformed the way we teach, thanks also to significant technological investments: now, in our Centenary year, we are tasked with looking ahead and rapidly adapting in order to respond to present needs, to be protagonists in a context of cultural debate and to be open to the world around us»,, announced the Vice Rector of Università Cattolica Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi who, along with the director of the Director of Academic Programmes, Promotion, Advice and Tutoring, Michele Faldi, addressed the Open Week inaugural debate dedicated to university choices. We intentionally say that we are proudly student-focused, indeed it is one of the hallmarks of our University, right from when we create the syllabuses up to the student's graduation. We are a generalist university and universitas, the totality of knowledge, is a massive strong point. The many Departments and Research Centres, each unique, constitute a great resource and nurture a very broad perspective. This is why we have always been known for our multidisciplinary approach’. Furthermore, the Vice Rector Sciarrone Alibrandi continued, «the University has also managed to offer a notable number of internships and traineeships whilst still maintaining a close relationship with business and schools. Thanks to agreements and joint programmes with other universities, ample space was granted to the international context, enabling students to participate in online experiences with numerous global structures».

The orientation programme continues on the Università Cattolica website (, where prospective students can watch videos of the programme presentations, request specific information and, from mid-April onwards, participate in comprehensive meetings promoted by the faculties on individual graduate degree programes. The orientation information aimed at high schools also continues online and, from 10 May 10 students will be able to attend the Open Week of the undergraduate degree programmes for all 12 faculties.

Lastly, from 10 March onwards, admission procedures for the next academic year will be online on the Unicatt website where students will have the option to verify their curricular requirements.


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